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Project Name: e-PDS

e-PDS is a project involving end-to-end computerization of Supply chain Management of commodities which are allocated from Food corporation Of India(FCI) to Department Of Civil Supply And Consumer Affairs(DCSCA) to the Food & Civil Supply Taluka Godowns to Fair Price Shop(FPS) to the respective Beneficiary.

The project is being execute in two different phases known as Component-I and Component-II.

Component I: In this phase GEL is digitizing the existing Master Data of FPS and Ration Cards of Beneficiaries. The digitized data is printed and passed to the beneficiaries for Verification process which will also allow the DCSCA to collect the information such as Aadhar number of each individual and other details such as bank account details, LPG connection, contact details of Head Of Family(HoF) thus helping the DCSCA to remove duplicates and bogus ration Cards. GEL is also involved in setting up Helpdesk dedicated to solve the public issues regarding PDS . Transparency Portal and Grievance redressal will also be implemented by GEL in Phase I .

Component-II: Once Verification of digitized Ration Card data is complete GEL shal print Smart Ration Cards for all the beneficiary. Also all the FPS will be given a Point of Sale Terminal for doing the transactions using the Smart Card of the beneficiary.


(i)Timely and need based allocation.

(ii) Prevention of diversion of essential commodities.

(iii) Containment of arbitrary decision making at all levels.

(iv) Induction of transparency and accountability in operations.

(v) Reduction of redundant workload of department employees.

(vi) Electronic security and control of confidential data.

(vii) Fast disposal of stakeholder grievances.

(viii) Dissemination of information as per public requirements.

(ix) Leveraging the benefit of Goa State Wide Area Network (SWAN) for easy flow of Information among one and all stakeholders.

(x) MIS for monitoring and quick decision making.

(xi) Protecting the interest of all the stakeholders.