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The Government of Goa in its continuous endeavour to serve its citizen has implemented from time to time. First such Scheme, named Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) was launched in 2002, giving financial assistance to senior citizens, widows, physically handicapped and AIDS patients.


Another such scheme named Griha Aadhaar (GA) was launched in 2012, to address the problem of spiralling prices and to provide support to the housewives/homemakers from middle, lower middle and poor section of the society. Under this scheme financial assistance of Rs 1500/- per month is given to these families.


Third, scheme Laadli Laxmi was launched in 2012, to reduce financial burden on parents/guardians of the girl child during marriage thereby addressing undesirable tendency of female foeticide and thus helping to arrest the declining female sex ratio. Under this scheme, one lakh rupees is given to the girl beneficiary.


All three schemes have become extremely popular among the people of Goa, because of their usefulness and a large part of the Government funds is being spent on implementation of these schemes. The DSS scheme has been running for around fifteen years and the Griha Aadhar and Laadli Laxmi for five years now.


At this stage of implementation of these schemes, the government has planned to conduct an Impact Assessment survey of the above schemes.

The objectives of this survey are as follows:

               • Study of socio economic impact of the scheme.
               • Assessing current execution, procedure and improvement if needed from the beneficiary prospective.
               • Assessing the benefits given and existing criteria for availing benefits and evaluate changes if required.
               • Assessing the eligibility of each beneficiary so as to weed out any bogus beneficiaries.
               • These schemes are being implemented through the Directorate of Social Welfare and Directorate of Women and Child Development.This extensive survey is
                 therefore proposed to be conducted by these Directorates and the responsibility of conducting on the ground survey is vested in Goa Electronics Ltd.(GEL).

Survey Process:

A detailed and extensive questionnaire has been prepared for carrying out this survey. The survey will be conducted by adopting latest modern technology. The information of the beneficiaries, such as personal and family data, available resources and income, the manner of utilisation of the financial assistance received by the beneficiaries, dependence of the beneficiaries on the financial assistance received by them, will be collected through this survey. Similarly information about changes brought about in the lives of the beneficiaries, because of these schemes will also collected through this survey. Also it will be found out from this survey as to what remedial measures are needed for more efficient implementation of these schemes, after discussing this aspect with the beneficiaries.