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Office Of Chief Electoral Officer

Project Name: Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS)

Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) Software covers the complete process of generating a Electoral roll starting from the applications received in F orm 6,7,8,8A to the generation of Supplementary Roll to the integration to the Mother Roll. The application also generates EPIC.

Our Role:

The form entries are done at the AERO/ERO office through the ERMS Application. Once the data entry of the forms has been done and scrutinized, the concerned AERO/ERO can authorize the forms. Epic Cards are Generated/Printed/Re-Printed/Issued through the EPIC OR Bulk EPIC Module. As a State Level Agency we also generates the Manuscripts and Print EPIC Cards.

Current Status of the Project:

As of now all the modules proposed have been developed and are in operation successfully.As per the instructions of ECI,New Delhi, any new modules proposed to be incorporated in ERMS are then developed in consultation with CEO-Goa office.

Project Name: Poll Monitoring System (PMS)

Poll Monitoring System as the name suggests is a System which facilitates efficient monitoring of the Polls on the day of election. The system operates in a total connected architecture.

The software is installed on a notebook PC which is connected to a FPR and a Web camera for the biometric recording of the Voters additionaly a USB Dongle is connected to the system for continous streaming of data. The system is loaded with the complete data of the part for the Polling Station. When a voter arrives at the Polling Station his/her identification is established by simply keying in the srno.

The system stores all possible categories of information about the voter which includes data about Prisoner, Physically handicapped , Dead Voters, Shifted etc. The system facilitates capturing data about challenged votes, votes not casted under 49(O) and 49(M), Tendered Votes and Companion Voter details. Also details on voters with EPIC and Non-EPIC are captured in the system.Once the voter identity is established the system allows capturing of Biometric Info of the Voter using FPR and Web Camera.

The system generates all possible reports for the Election including 17A, 17B and 17C. Additionally the system continuously shows count on EPIC, Non EPIC, Male, Female , Tendered Votes and Voters count based on age group is displayed. Other MIS reports like counts based on Physically handicapped, age group, 49(O), Tendered Votes etc can be generated from the system.

The implementation of PMS has not only helped reduce the work load but is a concept which can reduce the manpower utilization at the polling station as Identification done by the PO-1 and duties of PO-3 can be done by the PO-2 using a single system.