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Directorate of Woman and Child Development

Project Name: Laadli Laxmi

This Scheme is launched by Government of Goa to reduce financial burden on parents/guardians of girl child during marriage thereby addressing the undesirable tendency of female foeticide and thus helping to arrest the declining female sex ratio in the state. Laadli Laxmi application aims at digitizing scrutinizing sanctioning and managing bank disbursement details and generating dependency reports to be submitted to the Directorate of Woman and Child Development.

Our Role:

•Provide manpower , Operational Infrastructure.
• Software Development & Maintenance including :
           -  Data and Document digitization
           -  Status Querying System
           -  Scrutiny and de-duplication to categorize forms as Applications as per scheme,referred to committee,incomplete applications,rejected
           -  Sanctioning and disbursement management
           -  Withdrawal and account closure Processing
           -  SMS integration and MIS Reports
           -  Administrative Modules

Project Name: Graha Aadhar

The objective of the scheme is to address the problem of spiraling prices and to provide support to the housewives/homemakers from middle, lower middle and poor section of the society, to maintain a reasonable standard of living for their families. Under this scheme an amount of ` 1000/- per month will be provided directly at the hands of the housewives/homemakers to achieve the above objective.

Our Role:

• Provide manpower, Operational Infrastructure
• Software development & Maintenance including :
            -  Data and Document collection and digitization
            -  Form Verification and processing
            -  Status Querying System
            -  SMS Integration
            -  Generation of MIS Reports
            - Track Disbursements and payouts, De-duplication of applications