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Being a critical department of the Government , and considering its wide spread of activities the Directorate of Agriculture intends to implement a complete technology based system to monitor and deliver its services efficiently to the prime stakeholder i.e. the Farmer.


Directorate of Agriculture’s prime aim is to promote Agriculture by supporting the farmers through effective management and execution of various schemes and disbursement of subsidy availed thereby. Hence Directorate of Agriculture approached GEL for development and roll out an enterprise software solution which would have a prime focus on registration of farmers and issuances of “Krishi Card” to each farmer. Another major component of the software would facilitate linking of the “Krishi Card” to the benefits availed by the farmers for effective management of the various schemes implemented by the Directorate of Agriculture along with managing their subsidy availed.


GEL proposed a complete solution and roll-out plan and the same has been accepted by Directorate of Agriculture.


The modules to be covered are as mentioned below:

1. Farmer Registration.

2. Issuance of Smart Card for Registered Farmers.

3. Scheme for Fencing Assistance.

4. Scheme for Agricultural Mechanization.

5. Scheme for Support Price

6. Issuance of Smart Card for Registered Farmers.

7. Schemes for CM-Krishi Yojana. 8. Linking Farmer data to HORTNET.  


The details of each of the modules of Phase are as listed.

1. Registration of Farmers with Land Details

a. Registration and Maintaining Farmers Information Department of Agriculture needs to maintain details of farmers/organizations. This module will provide screen for entering data (i.e registering) farmer/ organizations. This data will include Personal details of the farmer, Address, Electoral details, Family, Bank details, photo and fingerprint, Property details, Land details, etc. of the farmer/organization. The farmer registration process will be carried out at the Zonal Agricultural Office. All the applications received towards registration will be entered in this module and the relevant documents will be uploaded and linked with the application. The system will prevent any invalid data entry. The compulsory fields in the application such as name, relative details, birth registration number, certificate details, address, Bank details, property details etc will ensure the data is received in complete format.

b. Land Details Additionally, Department of Agriculture needs to maintain details of farmers/organizations land records. This module will keep track of lands registered on farmer’s name. The linkage of registered farmer with the land details will reduce the burden of the farmer for carrying/organizing the documents for availing the schemes.

2. Issuance of Smart Card to Farmers

This module will allow creation and printing of smart card for each authorized registered farmer/organization. All the data enrolled and then authorized in the eKrishi application will be pulled by this module. The data is then written on to the smart card. The chip on the card will store farmer's personal details, land records, biometric credentials (fingerprint and photo) along with UID (AADHAAR). Provision will be provided in the software to add additional data on to the chip of the card towards schemes availed etc. The visual layout of the smart card will carry basic information such as name, address, farmers unique ID and any other basic details departments intends to have. The ZAO representative will be issued with a authorization card for activating the personalized card. The activated card can then be handed over to the farmer.

3. Linking Farmer registration Data to HORTNET

The department has a requirement of registering all the farmers on to HortNet portal. As much of the farmers are unaware of computer technology and will face hardship in registering their details. The best possible solution for this would be to link the farmer details from the eKrishi application on to the HortNet server. This module will help in integrating the above mentioned solution. The module after authorization of farmer will segregate the farmer information as required by HortNet and will upload on to the HortNet server. The acknowledgement details from the HortNet server will be also stored on the departmental server. Any failed updations due to network communication error will be uploaded as soon as the issue is resolved automatically. This will integrate farmer's details with HORTNET so that the farmers don’t have to register again.

4. CM Krishi Yojana

This is a new scheme devised to provide loans to a registered farmer who does not possess clear documents or those who are unable to furnish documents due to non possession of same. This module would facilitate mechanism to verify details of all farmers and track all farmers availing the scheme.

5. Implementation of Scheme providing Assistance for Fencing.

In order to save crops from damage due to domestic and wild animals and to encourage area expansion of crops, DOA provides financial assistance on various types of fencing for the farms. This module will facilitate department with tracking details of all farmers who have availed schemes under assistance for Fencing.

6. Implementation of Scheme for Agricultural Mechanization

Directorate of agriculture provides subsidy on hire service charges of various agricultural machinery for land preparation and harvesting. Directorate also provides assistance to purchase agricultural machinery and equipments. DOA provides uniform subsidy of standard/admissible cost to individual or group of farmers.
This module will help department in tracking details of all farmers who have availed schemes under Agricultural Mechanization.

7. Implementation of Scheme for Support Price

To assure the farmer of minimum rate in advance and to encourage them to venture into investments in agriculture, DOA has devised schemes and pattern of assistance. Produce covered under this schemes are: a)Areca nut b)Coconut c)Cashew nut d)Paddy e)Sugarcane f) Alsando.
This module will facilitate calculation of subsidy pertaining to each of the support price scheme with the current prices devised by the department and will track details of farmers availing schemes and support price.

Krishi card is a smart card with 64 KB storage capable of storing complete details of the farmer including biometric, land records, agricultural/dairy details, demographics and subsidy transaction. It is an attempt by the Government of Goa to revive the agriculture and allied sector and focus on making it a vital support tool for the economy of the state. The farmer currently needs to carry loads of documents to avail various schemes/subsidies of the Government. The farmer needs to struggle a lot to obtain & compile these documents from various departments for every scheme to be availed. rishi card will introduce a mechanism to uniquely identify every goan farmer and maintain a complete history of all his land holdings, assets and subsidies availed.