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The Directorate of Transport is entrusted with the responsibility of providing an efficient public transportation system, control of vehicular pollution, registration of vehicles in Goa, issuance of Driving licenses, issuance of various permits, collection of road taxes. The department is also responsible for policy-making, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring of regulatory functions for all the transport related aspects of Goa state.

Service Stakeholders:

               •  The Major Stakeholders of this service are the Government Officials who use the e-Transport in Transport Departments. This system makes the data readily
                 available to the officials without taking much time. With this system Transport has became centralized which provides the different details about the vehicles in
                 more convenient way at any given time.

Geographical Area covered:

              •  The e-Transport covers all the transport offices spread across different cities of Goa. It also covers 4 check posts across the Goa and certain dealers across

Services provided:

            • e-Transport provides the following functionalities which are uses in Transport offices.

Establishment Module:

            • This section has a flavor of Human Resource Department, which deals with the personnel / administrative matters. Following are the different functions of the
                   a.  Filling up of vacancies
                   b.  Issuing Appointment order
                   c.  Allocating payment heads, pay scale, section etc.
                   d.  A separate Service book for each staff member of Directorate of Transport
                   e. Handling all the increments of staff yearly by adding automatically calculating increment amount, making an entry into the increment register and
                       simultaneously generates increment certificate.
                    f.  Application, granting of leave, maintenance of leave register
                   g. Maintains details of the all certificates submitted by an employee, all the increments, promotions, transfers etc in the service book.

Accounts Module

              •This module takes care of regulating expenditure and maintenance of Accounts for the Directorate of Transport, Goa.
               The different sub modules under this section are:

                  a. Cash Collection Module:


                               i.   Handles all cash collected towards Fees, Fine, Road Tax, Passenger & Goods Tax, Sale of Forms, Right to Information Act.
                             ii.   Printing of receipt for cash collected.
                             iii.  Daily cash collected report generation office wise, MIS report of cash collected at all the offices

                 b. Challan Module:

                            i.  Provision to prepare a different challan for depositing the cash collected on daily into the Treasury Branch under respective heads of accounts.
                           ii.  Enables to prepare challan for the Dealers and all those who intend to pay the fee/tax by the means of Cheque /D.D.
                           iii. Printing of challan, Monthly Challan report generation (office wise & summarized).

                c. D.D. Collection Module:

                          i. Provision to keep track of all the Demand Drafts collected towards Permit Fees, Passenger/Goods Tax, and Road Tax of other state vehicles to ply their
                            vehicles in Goa.

              d. Loans & Advances Module:

                            i. Maintains all the different loans taken by Government servants towards House Building Advance, Motor Conveyance Advance, Computer Advance etc
                           ii. Calculates monthly installment for each employee who has taken a loan

              e. Pay Bill Module:

                             i.  Assigning of Basic, DP, DA, HRA, different allowances and deductions to each employee and calculating net salary of each employee.
                            ii. Generates Pay Bill for each month for each head of account through which salary will be drawn
                            iii. Prepares different schedules like
                                       1. G.P.F. Schedule
                                       2. Rent Schedule
                                       3. Savings & Insurance Fund Schedule
                                       4. Different schedule for different type of advances taken and interests paid.
                            iv. Generates Salary slip of all the employees, Acquaintance Roll etc.

             f. Cash Book Module:

                           i. Keeps track of all the cheques received and issued by the office.
                          ii. Maintains Recoupment Register of all the cash spent on different expenses out of permanent advance.
                          iii. Maintains opening and closing balance of cash held of each office on daily basis.

            g. Permits Module:

                       • Incorporates different activities of State Transport Authority (S.T.A.) & Regional Transport Authority (R.T.A.) from application of permit to granting of permit
                                     1. All India Permit
                                     2. National Permit
                                     3. Rent A Motorcycle Permit
                                     4. Countersignature Permit
                                     5. Special Permit
                         iii. The types of permits issued by R.T.A. are:
                                    1. Stage Carriage Permit
                                    2. Contract Carriage Permit
                                    3. Goods Carriage Permit
                                    4. Temporary Permit

              h. Prosecution Module:

                                i. The provision is made to feed in all the Checking Reports issued by each inspector on the road. The offender then goes to the respective office and
                                  produces the documents and pays the fine for which he is liable in accounts section then the receipt can be seen by the inspector, after which he
                                  compounds the transaction.
                              ii. Different reports are provided for Management Information System
                              iii. Performance of inspectors can be easily generated at any given instance.

              i. Inward Outward Module:

                              i. Handles complete document flow in the organization
                             i. Status of any document at any given instance can be found out.
                             iii. Period for which the document is pending with reason can be found out.
                             iv. All different MIS reports are available for the statistical cell.

              j. Inventory Management Module:

                             i. All the inventory details are maintained by this module. It keeps track of all the stock available, maintains a list of all the suppliers.
                            ii. Has a provision for issuing indent, generating supply order, and maintains stock register.

             k. Administrative Module

                               i. This is the provision for an administrator for maintaining all the masters like category master, village master, taluka master, bank master, etc.
                              ii. This module has a provision for creation of users for using different functionalities performed by the application.

             l. PUC Module:

                            i. This module takes out the required information from the data uploaded by all the PUC Centers in Goa by connecting to the central server using a dial-up