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e-Vidyalaya is a student and school management system that facilitates storage & retrieval of information on students and schools. It is developed and optimised the need of school management software for today’s educational system. e-Vidyalaya maintains all information of a school in a centralized database and allows each stakeholder to view relevant information at anywhere at any time.


Management Portfolio

• Maintains details of all members of the management – Allows updations to the list
• Links schools to a Particular Management

School Management

• Maintains complete school information
• Comparative equipment ratio – Number of toilets for students, number of teachers for students
• Demographic information of the school

Student Admission

• Maintains Student’s profile
• Collection of admission fees
• Generation of Registration number
• Allotment of student to a class

Student Attendance

• Tracks attendance of a class
• Smart phone/PDA based application
• Fast track module for marking only absenteeism
• Linkage with student performance
• Provision to alert for parents and teachers for frequent absenteeism.

Student Grading Management

• Monitors the academic performance of students.
• Generates Term Report card which can be mailed or viewed by the parents
• It also identifies the top, average and low performers in a class-wise, Subject wise, school wise

Student Performance

• Performance based on grading, attendance, extra curricular activities, any other positive
& negative remarks for academic career or tenure.
• System to indicate performance changes based on various parameters.

Teachers Record

• Records complete bio-data of teachers
• Tracks all training, awards, achievements and interests.
• Tracks teaching record across schools and subjects

Teachers Performance Evaluation Module

• Evaluates Teachers performance based on class performance.
• Linking of teachers to class
• Tracks parameters like awards, training , attendance etc. To evaluate teachers performance

Teachers Attendance using Biometric

• Uses Electronic Punching system. Biometrics will be used to capture fingerprints for all teachers
• Can be used for direct paybill input
• Alerts to authorities in case of frequent absenteeism

Class Curriculum Management

• Records Syllabus of the each class with planned execution schedule for each subject.
• Provision to track Planned V/s Actual Execution schedule

Event Calendar

• Tracking school level & DOE level events
• Alert to the required stake holders of the events and changes if any

. Exam Management

• Tracks Exam Schedules
• Generates time table for exam
• Teachers allocation for classes during exam
• Provision to mail and sms details to all students/ Parents and teachers

School Leaving Module

• Generation of school leaving certificate.
• Online shifting of data from one school to another within the State

. MIS: Directorate of Education – Management – School

• Complete MIS for all the modules
• Drill down from each student - school - Management - Village - Block - Taluka - District - State
• Reports submitted by schools to DOE and from DOE to GOI will be generated online.


Auto time-table Generation

• Considering all parameters, permutations & combinations, two or three probable timetables will be generated.

Library Management

• It will keep complete stock of books
• Will track issue / returns of book.
• Alerts to students & librarian in case of delay

Scheme Management

• Masters for all schemes
• Linkage to students / beneficiaries availing each scheme

Fund Flow for Scheme Management

• Complete fund flow for each scheme from Centre - State - up to beneficary
• Tracks budget allocation utilization


• Payroll
• Accounts
• Inward /outward
• File movement