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Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) Software covers the complete process of generating a Electoral roll starting from the applications received in Form 6,7,8,8A to the generation of Supplementary Roll to the integration to the Mother Roll. The application also generates EPIC. The form entries are done at the AERO/ERO office through the ERMS Application. Once the data entry of the forms has been done and scrutinized, the concerned AERO/ERO can authorize the forms.Epic Cards are Generated/Printed/Re-Printed/Issued through the EPIC OR Bulk EPIC Module. As a State Level Agency we also generates the Manuscripts and Print EPIC Cards.
As of now all the modules proposed have been developed and are in operation successfully. As per the instructions of ECI,New Delhi, any new modules proposed to be incorporated in ERMS are then developed in consultation with CEO-Goa office.


          • ERMS facilitates Elector Search by implementing the Elector Search Module at the respective VFC Centre’s ,were in the Electors can Search for his/her details like
           Assembly Constituency ,Part, Section, Epic Card No or Serial No in part to which he/she belongs .The Elector can also find out the details of his BLO(Booth Level
          Officer for the respective Parts to which they belong.


           ERMS provides forms for Data Entry for Inclusion, Deletion ,Correction and Transposition of the Electors. The Various Forms are:
                     • Form 6   :  The Inclusion of Voter in Electoral Roll is done by filling the entry in Form 6. Inclusion is done for new voter or for an existing voter.
                     • Form 7   :  Application for objecting inclusion or seeking deletion of name in electoral roll.
                     • Form 8   : The applicant fills Form 8 to make corrections to the personal details of the applicant such as Name, Age, Birth Date, Address, along with Elector's
                                          photo identity card number .
                     • Form 8A   : The applicant fills Form 8A if the applicant has moved from one part to the other within the same Constituency.
                     • Form 6A  :  The Inclusion of Overseas Electors in Electoral Roll.
                     • Form 2,2A,3  : Application For Voters who are Service Electors.


            • Once the date entry of the Forms is done,the forms are given for verification to the respective BLO’s And within the span of 7 days the Forms are authorised after
              proper verification.


            • The Electoral Roll is published at the end of the Revisions giving Details of the Electors towards those Electors who have filed various forms throughout the
             revision. The various rolls generated are Supplement,Hash Roll, Mother Roll.


           • The various reports available in ERMS are Revision Reports,Forms Reports,E-Roll Monitoring Reports, Annexure Reports giving various details and counts towards
            various Forms in the required Assembly Constituency.


          • The Website http://ceogoa.nic.in allows voters to enroll their details online. Forms towards Inlusion,Deletions,Transposition and Correction are available online. The
           Rolls Generated are also uploaded on the site. The electors can also Search their details by giving their details like Name,Epic or the District . Details towards
           AERO’s ,BLO’s,DEO’s, ERO’s is available on the site.


           • ERMS allows EPIC Card Generation along with the Printing and Issuing of the Epic Cards.


           • The forms filed online are then imported in ERMS after the hardcopy of the same has been received at the respective Mamlatdar’s.


           • The BLO Module in ERMS keeps a track of the BLO’s in service towards various parts. The Order Details and Details towards Date of Joining are also maintained.