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Goa State S. C. & O. B. C. Finance Development Corporation

Project Name: LOAN MANAGER

Loan Manager aims to provide operational and decision-making support to the financial companies. It is a complete lending system that is designed to handle loan cycle for complex transactions.

It assists banking and finance companies in servicing the approved loans, disbursals, billing, repayments, recovery, re-schedulements, termination handling, and loan status tracking. It is web-enabled and accessible via browser.

Loan Manager captures the financial data and generates the loan repayments schedule according to the preferred method. The loan application is processed and forwarded to the sanctioning authority.

Once the loan is sanctioned the requested amount is disbursed to the applicant. Repayment Schedule is generated according to the applicant's requirement.

Recovery process is based on the repayment schedule. Generation of interest, demand note, and maintenance of arrears are done automatically by the system.

The account module is fully on-line and all MIS including Trial Balance, Profit & Loss statement, Balance sheet is available online. Account status of any borrower with respect to outstanding, arrears, Penal interest etc are updated till the last cheque is entered.