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Griha Aadhar Scheme Management System


      Works on award Winning
      Scheme Management Framework

Griha Aadhar is the Scheme introduced to address the problem of spiralling prices and to provide support to the housewives/homemakers from middle, lower middle and poor section of the society, to maintain a reasonable standard of living for their families.

Griha Aadhar Scheme Management  Process Flow

Griha Aadhar Scheme Management   Proccess Description

      • Application Receipt: All the application forms are inwarded with basic details of the applicant.

      • Application Entry: Data entry is done of the application and all the relevant documents are scanned and uploaded into the system.

      • Verification and Recommendation: Verification is conducted against the eligibility criteria's as specified in the scheme notification document and based on the 

           verification,applications are recommended as either As Per Scheme,Committee, Incomplete or Not Eligible.  

      • Sanction: All approved applications with positive remarks are allotted a unique sanction id for generation of sanction orders.

      • Disbursement: Release of funds to each beneficiary.
      • Reconciliation of Accounts: This involves maintenance of month wise cash flow details of each beneficiary.
      • Fund Flow Management: It helps department in managing funds towards scheme.

      • Application tracking and monitoring: Status of applications can be tracked and monitored with unique ids like Aadhar No, Voter id No or acknowledgement 


Benefits of Griha Aadhar Scheme Management


• Faster processing of applications.
• Transparent process with status available at each level.
• Multiple provision to check and monitor application status such as SMS/Email/Helpdesk.
• Central repository of all the documents is maintained so beneficiary doesn’t have to submit same documents across schemes to avail benefits under any new schemes.


• Identification of beneficiary across the schemes.
• Deduplication and identification of bogus beneficiary across the schemes.
• Analysis and reporting provision.
• Efficient fund flow management.
• Micro to macro level MIS assists in efficient Analysis and decision making.
• Lesser Manpower and resource utilization.


• Easy access to data at any point of time for identity verification.
• List of disbursements in compiled standard NEFT templates .
• Analysis and reporting provision.