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HRMS caters to all Human Resource functionalities as well as Account Functionalities. The system keeps a track of all the Details of the Employees, generates a complete payroll with the earnings and deduction details. Also keeps track of changes in pay band and other allowances for each employee. All pay slips would be auto generated at month end.


1. Employee Setup(Personal Details of Employee)

         • It’s a Service Book for an employee.
        • All the Details of the employee ie. Personal , Contact, Qualification , Previous Service and upload various Certificates, Documents , photo.

2. Increment of Employees

      • Tracks Increment Given and Due.
     • Increment Certificate Generated.

3. Leave Details

       • Leave Application
      • Leaves availed by an employee over the period of time.
      • Leave Sanction.

4 . Transfer of Employees

        • Applied or Ordered Transfer.
       • Processing of Transfer Applications.
       • Auto movement of all Related Data.

5. Login and User Management

         • Provision to create unlimited user and assign specific application access rights.
        • The keeps a log about each transaction carried out in the system.

6. Pay Setup

        • Creation of various Heads of Accounts.
       • The percentage/amount for each head of account can be defined here.

7. Pay Definition

        • Earnings and Deductions of an Employee.
       • Auto calculation of DA,TA,HRA and other heads of Accounts

8. Generation Of Pay Bill

        • Pay Bill is generated every month for all the categories.
       • Various reports are generated like Earnings, Deductions, Pay slip, Main Page of the Pay Bill, etc.

9. Arrears of an Employee

        • Payment of Dues.
       • Repayment details of employee.

10. Loans and Advances

         • Keeps a track of the Various Loans taken by the employee.
        • Interest applicable on the Loan.

11. Income Tax Calculations and Rebate

         • IT Slab definition.
        • Auto IT Slab allocation for Employees.
        • Auto Calculation of IT deductions

12. Orders Issued to Employee

          • Type: Promotion, Suspension, Extension, Termination, etc.
         • Movement of Orders Issued/Received.
         • Approval by the Higher Authorities.