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Poll Monitoring System (PMS) as the name indicates is a system that facilitates efficient monitoring of the polls on the poll day.

Poll Monitoring System comprises of a kit of
       (1) Computer System,
       (2) Fingerprint Reader and
       (3) Web camera and
       (4) USB Wireless Dongle at each Polling Station.

All the polling booths are connected to the central server at NIC SAN server by Wireless USB dongles through Internet. The PMS client software is installed on each computer system in each booth.

The Fingerprint Reader (FPR) and a web camera are connected to the computer system for capturing biometric information of the voter. The Electoral Roll database is loaded in the system with information about elector such as name, relative details, age, EPIC No., photo etc.

In addition, all possible categories of information about the voter such as data about missing voters (shifted with family linkages or without family linkages), dead voters whose names could not be deleted prior to the election, blind voters, physically handicapped voters describing nature of the handicap and even the names of those voters who are prisoners / detunes was also integrated in the system.