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PRISMS is a jail booking and management system that provides information on incarcerated adults and juveniles. PRISMS is designed with easy to use menus and a comprehensive security system. Data is entered in a natural flow without unnecessary repetition. The system is designed for use by non-technical personnel. The design is compatible to meet the requirements of any correctional facility. Agency-defined code tables facilitate the efficiency and accuracy of data entry.


Prisoner Info Management

• Demography information of the inmate with Biometric, Photographs, marks of identity & unique id
• A list of expected visitors.

Prisoners Fingerprint Management

• Identification of prisoners based on biometric verification.
• Facility to enroll all 10 fingers

Prisoner Admission & Release

• Admission & Cell allocation .
• One Click Release by considering remission, case, setoff, work (conservancy), parole / furlough.

Court Information System Including Crime and Charge-sheet

• Information on court, authority, Act and Sections, parties.
• Track court hearings and generate Court diary
• Auto calculation of PDR based on concurrency or consecutive sentences / cases
• Crime and charge-sheet details tracked.

Prisoners Property and Cash

• At Admission a receipt of PI & Clothing is generated.
• Maintains inmate’s cash account
• Wages earned are auto credited
• Limit for expense
• Fast track module

Prisoners Medical Management

• Tracks illness and checkup details
• Report listing all medication to be given to all inmates on a specified date
• Complete Medical History can be generated
• Helps in Determining work allocation.

Prisoners Work & Wages Management

• Master with classification of Labor and wages
• Auto calculation of wages based on allotted work and attendance
• Auto bifurcation of wages in accordance with the rules
• 50% Victim Compensation Fund, 15% Joint Savings Account, 15% Legal Aid, 20% Personal Expense
• Fast Track Module for work allotment and work attendance

Prisoners Transfer Management

• Deals with -applied transfers, transfers due to change in status i.e. UT to Convict, Bulk Transfers
• Records are automatically transferred
• Process includes ---- Handover & Acceptance
• Biometric Identification during handover and acceptance

Prisoners Movement Management

• Tracks movement of Prisoner IN/OUT of Jail
• Generates a list of prisoners planned to move In/Out based on Parole/ Furlough / Case hearing /Medical Module
• Only prisoners listed in movement will be allowed to move out of any gate

Parole and Furlough Management

• Process: Application -Police letter -Police report - Issue of order
• Complete history of all applications and orders (rejected/approved)
• Details about the surety in terms of person and money.
• List of prisoner expected to surrender after parole/furlough
• System tracks Eligibility criteria for Parole / Furlough

Visitor Info & Automated Visit Management

• List of visitors with names, phone numbers, address, photo and relation
• Verification of Prisoners & Visitors using biometric for every visit
• Automated compilation of visit
• Visitor’s transaction log maintained
• Dual Screen display for identification of prisoners Impersonation is prevented.

Remission Management

• Remission Classification master
• Eligibility calculation (Not exceeding 2/3rd of total period, annual good conduct <= 60 days etc)
• Calculates remission based on conservancy work.
• Automatic up-dation of PDR
• Fast track module

Gate Management

• Tracks the date, hour and minute of opening of each gate of the prison
• Keeps an account of all the articles and persons entering or leaving the gate at any given time.
• Linked to movement

Inventory-Commissary &Kitchen Management

• Commissary Items.
• Stock Maintenance for issue & Receipt.
• Par stock maintenance.
• Tracks purchases by inmates and automatically adjusts both the commissary stock records and inmate PPC account.

Escort Management

• Automated Selection of Escort
• Generation of request letters
• Tracks Actual Escort Details

Escape Management

• Maintenance of Escape Register with the statement details
• SMS of prisoners escaped is flashed to important authorities
• Will track issue / returns of book.
• Alerts to students & librarian in case of delay

. Auto Staff Posting

• Auto generates a complete schedule of guards at post and reserve
• Selects number of posts and number of guards dynamically
• Considers Absenteeism of guards
Ensures all criteria's of randomization are met

Grievance Redressal

• Tracks all grievances posted by the prisoners in the complaint box
• Also tracks action taken and the time period

Victim Compensation Fund

• Tracks complete bifurcation of wages towards victim compensation fund.
• Tracks information of approved and actual disbursement of funds to victims
• Adjusts Victim Compensation Fund with every disbursement and deposit

Undertrial Detention Alarm System

• Based on a master of Acts and Sections with associated maximum period of imprisonment
• The system indicates the list of Undertrial prisoners detained in prison for more than half of the maximum sentence period.
• System generates alarm for all such prisoners for the authorities and the Prisoners (TSK)

Prisoners Reforms

• Generates a complete history sheet of all reform activities undergone by the prisoner.
• Includes creative activities such as painting, singing and work activities like furniture, candle and bag making and educational courses taken up by the prisoner through universities like IGNOU.
• Acts as a resume generator used by NGOS for rehabilitation on release.

Touch Screen Kiosk Application

• Information Outlet for Prisoners on Biometric Identification.
• Information available includes PDR, Remission Earned, Prisoners Property and Cash details, Parole/Furlough Application status, Transfer Application Status & Undertrial Detention Alarm(436/436A)

Biometric Authorization System

• System provides facility for Secured access to application through Biometric identification.
• Ensures only authorized users access to the system.