Project Name: PRISMS

PRISMS is a Web-based Prison Management Software with point and click access to all functions of the Jail. System-wide use of user defined code tables provides for uniform data entry and validation. Access to the applications is by user-defined ID and Password. Unauthorized attempts are logged. A complete log is maintained for each user.

The software is organized with a modular design, so that agencies may choose to utilize only those modules that are applicable to their needs. The software is configurable for an unlimited number of users.

GEL Provides handholding support to Goa –PrisMS and Bangalore –PrisMS. All the proposed modules have been implemented; currently we are just providing handholding support to all the Prisons in Goa and central prison, Bangalore.

Our Role

• GEL has developed a software called PRISMS for maintaining the Prisoners information & other processes like remission, parole furlough, visitor management & work
   wages etc.,
• PRISMS is successfully implemented in Central Prison Bangalore.
• Currently GEL is providing software support to the department.